Our partners at Trace have the experience from years as leaders in business and industry to offer you business strategy and development.

In today’s global economy, you don’t just need a great product, a smart sales force, an outstanding marketing plan, and a top notch online digital campaign, you need it all! We will work with you to identify the strengths and weaknesses that exist, evaluate the competitive landscape, and put together a strategic and executable plan for success.

  • Analyze specific business and other strategic objectives.
  • Develop a strategy tailored to specific needs by assisting our clients defining and implementing their national and international objectives, assisting associations or companies in finding the optimal approach to the expansion of their services, membership or products)
  • Provide advice to and coach employees, managers, and other individuals in matters of business development
  • Assist in Staff Development by providing counsel on issues for new and experienced staff; develop training and orientation programs clients need for new staff or provide a sounding board for experienced managers).